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New Belgium Mothership Wit (4.8 %)

With mass sightings of gigantic flying triangles in the skies, many ufologists are already certain that the “mothership” has indeed landed. UFO culture, if anything, is stronger than it has ever been, and proponents of the notion that we are being visited by beings from other worlds are more sure than ever that ultimate disclosure of Earth’s dealings with alien beings and their flying craft looms in the near future.

New Belgium admits that the Mothership is their first venture into organically-produced beer, but the brew nonetheless has made a mark in the short time it has appeared on shelves. As stated at the company’s website, “Our far-flung Beer Rangers affectionately refer to our Fort Collins brewery as the Mothership, a name that conjures images of earth shot from space and the interconnectivity of it all.” Mothership Wit is a pleasant Wit beer brewed with wheat and barley malt, as well as the traditional coriander and orange peel which make the Wit beers so well appreciated.

Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen (5.1 %)

Even before New Belgium’s Mothership was popular, Harpoon’s UFO Pale Ale was cashing in on the notion that space visitors may be dropping by terra firma on occasion, with their own unique twist on the traditional British Pale Ale. Left unfiltered for more natural taste, the UFO Hefeweizen comes in two flavors: the regular wheat, and also a raspberry variety. Both create soft wholesome textures with a distinctive cloudy wheat-beer appearance. Ideal for brisk autumn evenings, be sure and keep your eyes to the skies in case of the occasional low-flying spacecraft from Zeta II Reticuli!

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Culture of Spirits » Blog Archive » A Cavalcade of Paranormal Beer Selections

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