Transcripts of David Cherniack’s interviews including for UFOs: The Secret History

UFOS: The Secret History

  • The UFOs: The Secret History interviews – Close to sixty interviews were conducted during the course of a 4 month, 18,000 mile, RV odyssey of a shoot around North America, and on 3 additional jaunts from Toronto. Many of them were transcribed and will be made available here, starting with this batch. Check back later for more or register hereto subscribe to the newsletter for future notification.
    • Michael Swords – The bio-chemist and indefatigable researcher into UFOs and the history of the early days and the U. of Colorado Study covers those topics and many of the reasons why scientists shy away from the topic.
    • Jerome Clark – The prolific writer covers the Contactees, the dawn of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, the Paranormal and Psycho-social schools, and many other topics.
    • Thomas Edward Bullard – The Indiana U. folklorist on myth, UFO abductions, airships, Contactees, Psycop debunking, and more.
    • Mark Rodeghier – Physicist and sociologist on the role of Science, abduction research, Alan Hynek, MJ12, Roswell, the Disclosure Movement, and Contact.
    • Stanton Friedman – The nuclear physicist, writer, lecturer, and tireless debater on the orders to shoot’em down, Roswell’s beginnings, his run-ins with Menzel and Klass, MJ12, the role of science and the problems with SETI.
    • Albert Harrison – The UCal Davis psychologist and sociologist of science weighs in on SETI, contact, debunking, memory research and abductions, and Ufology.
    • Richard DolanThe historian and writer discusses the history of the phenomenon from the National Security State point of view.

For more transcripts go to: David Cherniack Films: Transcripts Index

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