Green light tracking a USN patrol plane over the N. Atlantic

The following took place when I was a Lieutenant in the U. S. Navy and the Navigator / communicator of a P3-C patrol plane on a mission going S. out of Iceland over the Atlantic.
The dates are approximate. Also the following paragraph is included but concerns an event that may have been unrelated and coincidental but I include it because of the close proximity in time to the “UFO” event. Again,it may have been unrelated.
We were headed south out of Iceland on a tasked mission. We were at 300 feet and the aircraft was by orders EMCON (no electronic emissions allowed including radar, radio, tacan etc.). It was dusk and nearing dark and I was looking down out of my window at the sea when I saw a large sphere floating on the surface. I would guess it was 30 to 40 ft. in dia. and appeared to be some sort of large buoy adrift. I called it to the flight deck and dropped an on top (an electronic marker in the on board nav system that gives a visual reference point on the Pilots and tactical officers scopes). We circled back a few times but could not see it again. The light was getting bad, things in the ocean are hard to see and we were on a mission. We headed back South. I have no idea if this was related to what happened next or not. There ARE lots of things adrift in the ocean.
We continued South and within a few minutes one of the enlisted crewmen in the back reported a green light off the starboard wingtip. I looked out my window and observed a very bright lime green light at our level and stationary off our wingtip at our altitude and airspeed. It was bright enough I could not see the craft itself, just the light shining directly at us. I believe it was 1 or 2 miles away but with no reference it is hard to tell with any accuracy how far it was. Suffice it to say it was not remote. It was fairly near and flying in perfect formation however far it was. The whole crew watched it as much as possible but we also were flying an aircraft on an assigned mission with all that entails – navigation,safety of flight etc. I watched it as much as I could while keeping up with my duties. Each time I observed it, nothing had changed. A bright lime green light was flying in formation off our right wing. I watched it several times and sometimes for 2 or 3 minutes at a time.
After perhaps 20 or 25 minutes total, and sadly at a moment when I was not looking at it, I heard someone on the intercom say “there it goes – there it goes! I looked out the window and it was not there. I took the 3 or 4 steps to the flight deck (cockpit) and it had already cleared the horizon. I did not personally see it while it was moving in relation to our aircraft. I do not know how far it is to go below the horizon in a green lit object as viewed from an aircraft, both at 300 feet on a clear night. That is a pretty far jump when accelerating from our airspeed and he did it in less than 4 seconds. The pilots were pretty taken with it’s performance.
I noted everything that happened in the official nav log and turned it in. It was reported to the wing commanders debriefing officers during the standard debrief following all flights. It never came up again and the Navy took no interest in it that I was aware of.

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