Saucer type craft interacts with blinking flashlight.

This sighting took place around 1974 near Brooksville, Maine.
My friend and I were going smelt fishing around 8 or 9 pm.
We walked through the woods to Walker’s Pond and the inlet where we were going to fish. I carried a large cell flashlight, like an electric linesman would use.
It was dark enough to use the light to watch your step along the path. Other fishermen were positioned around the pond, we could faintly hear them talking and occasionally see their flashlights.
As we approached the waters edge, I noticed flashing, colored lights off to my right.I said out loud, “What the @#$% is that?”, my friend said “I don’t know.” The other fishermen on the pond were too far away to notice. From their angle, they could not see into the small cove where to lights were blinking and rotating.
We had watched it for about a minute when I decided to blink my flashlight at it. Suddenly the lights began moving silently toward us, hovering just above the water. It moved extremely fast, as it came closer I could plainly see it was a saucer shaped craft, approx. 70 to 100 ft. across, with a dome-like bubble on top. The lights were going around the edge under the craft, blinking or rotating yellow, red and white. I thought for a moment I could see shadows in the dome part.
Watching it move so quickly toward us freaked me out and I said to my friend, “let’s get the @#$% out of here!” We were standing right beside each other as we turned to run. I took about 3-4 steps, slipped and fell down. Immediately I got back on my feet and called to my friend, just silence. He didn’t answer, which I found very odd since he had been within 5 ft. of me not 30 secs. before. I called again and he answered me from about 100 yds. away. He made his way back and asked me what happened. I was confused and didn’t know what had taken place.
As we regrouped to make our way out of the woods, we suddenly realized, all the fishermen on the pond were now gone.
There was no one fishing, they had left. My friend and I cannot account for the time that was lost that evening. It was the missing fishermen that caused us to wonder what had taken place.
We don’t know if we were abducted, but somehow a period of time is unaccounted for from that night.
I’m 59 yrs old, an ex-marine and this experience affected me and has stayed with me my entire life. I have wanted to be hypnotized or regressed to get some answers and find out about that night but haven’t actually done it. I am willing to take a lie dectector or be hypnotized. I will tell you this, after my experience
I KNOW that Ufo’s are real and I believe others who tell their stories. I recently learned about the Allagash Abductions and it kind of scared me, they also attracted the attention of the saucer or craft by flashing a light at it. Weird!

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