Three objects, very low in the sky heading SSW over Fairfield.

I was driving east on Travis Blvd. to pick up a co-worker and as I approached West Texas Street, I looked to the north even though I had the green light to see if anyone was speeding and likely to run the light. There was a gas station on the corner but it was out of business (Now, it’s an IHOP).

I did a double take because I realized that three of the lights I had assumed were street light (they were the same color) were actually in the wrong position to be street lights. This peaked my curiosity enough that I stopped to make sure and then realized that they were moving in my direction.

I pulled into a parking lot and got out of my car to observe. They very slowly (it took them at least 40 minutes to traverse the distance because that’s how late I was to work) made their way towards me.

The lights were the same color as high pressure sodium lamps, the orangy/pinkish glow and never changed. There were no other lights on any of the objects.

When they got overhead, I saw a couple of things: the lights were on a lowered level than the back of the object, which, with the reflected light, I was able to see fairly well. The sides in the back had…wide runners I guess. It actually made me think of looking at a tank from below, these runners were that wide, like tracks.

They were flying one behind and to the right of the craft in front, in turn.

The middle object was the most unusual; although it maintained the exact same speed as the other two, it was slightly jerking around, like it was having control issues and I could see a ‘robotic arm’ moving around and doing something in the raised rear area of the back of the craft. It looked like it was welding although there were no sparks. Like a robotic welder running but without the means to actually strike an arc.

They were no more than 100 ft overhead and made no discernible sound.

Two other vehicles stopped (going in the opposite direction) and watched as well but I didn’t get any names.

They disappeared over the tops of the businesses and I raced to pick up my co worker, not only because we were late, but because our route to work took us into a big open area where spotting them would have been very easy but they were gone. I didn’t understand that; 40+ minutes to cover half of the sky and less than 10 to cover the other half.

While that wasn’t my first sighting, it was by far the best and I vowed to never be without a camera again. I have in fact, carried a camera since and, to my chagrin, seen nothing out of the ordinary at all.

So now, with the knowledge that the WhisperHawk exists, I suppose they could have been slealth helicopters but, if one was having control issues, and one was, why fly directly past a major Air Force base without landing?

Could three helicopters, even with noise cancelling, be completely silent?

I would be more than happy to show the location off if asked.

Check out the original source here UFO reports


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