Solid orange lights in triangle formation with another group in a line ascending from the horizon. All of them moved up to a certain point in the sky, hovered and then just faded from a stationary position.

I was driving south on route 10 just outside of the town of Delhi New York just after sunset. It was approximately 7:15 and the sky was in transition from twilight to night.

In the car with me was a long time friend.  We both noticed an unusual formation of lights ahead of us in the distance between two mountains.  

It was so unusual that it compelled us to pull the car off the road and take a look.  

We pulled off just past Hoag Crossroad.  

Facing southwest in the distance, we saw various groupings of steady orange colored lights moving at a very slow pace.  

Since I had nothing for reference to compare them to, their size and distance could not be determined.  

But if I had to guess, I’d say they were a few miles away. 

One group was in the shape of a triangle.  These were three in number.  They were moving slowing upward and towards us.  

Below the triangular shape, there was also orange lights moving in the same direction, however these were more in a straight line.  

These were coming one by one up from the horizon.

At one point, the group of lights in a triangular shape became stationary.  They then just seemed to ‘fade away’.

After the triangular shape disappeared, the other line of lights followed the same path.  

One by one they also became stationary and disappeared.  

As this was happening, another car pulled over next to us.  It was a woman whom I did not know.  She also noticed the unusual nature of these lights for they were definitely nothing like any of us had ever seen.  

As we watched, I suddenly noticed out of my peripheral vision a floating black object, which was barely visible coming closer to us.  

Making out the shape of this object was difficult because it was moving as a black object against a nearly black sky.  

We all agreed it wasn’t round.  At best it resembled a heart shape or even something close to a Stealth Bomber.  

The odd thing was that it was totally silent and gliding in nature.  

We also agreed it wasn’t a Stealth Bomber as we’ve all seen and heard them before.  

This was very different.  

As it approached us, it veered north of us and seemed to descend into the trees of the mountain off the road. 

After this we just looked at the remaining orange lights fade away.  

We also did hear some noises coming from the wooded area from which the black object seemed to descend.  Whether or not these noises were related, I could not say.  

As all of this was happening, the woman was calling her daughter on the phone who lived near by.  She arrived on the scene after it was over.  

According to the daughter, the orange lights are something she has seen before and even has video of.  

Logically, one might think these were flares given the description here but these were not.  The reason is because of the nature in which they moved.  They were not like fireworks at all.  They were very craft like.

After discussing this for a few moments amongst ourselves, we then saw what was obviously military planes where we had previously seen the orange lights.  

These were clearly planes with fast flashing lights- very much like fighter planes.  They seemed to be flying in erratic patterns.  

We then exchanged emails and drove home.  

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