Green Flashes and a sky of Black Metal

I was only about 8 years old when this happened,but it has stayed the single clearest memory that I have of my childhood. My mother and I left around 6 to go to Walmart. As we came around a large curve by the factory, the Highway in sight my mom and I noticed a very strange arrow in the high in the sky, it didn’t seem to have mass but looked more like a flare. Bright oranges tinted with white the signal made an arch up the down extending slightly longer on the left side with a very clear orange red arrow tip pointing down to the ground, giving the appearance of the flare falling but as we watched the arched arrow didn’t descend or fade away it hung there brightly. We watched it as we went down the highway it still hadn’t moved and by its position it seemed to be easily at the heights of airplanes. It confused me because it wasn’t like any flare I had ever seen or heard of, we concluded on the way to Walmart it was probably the military testing something again,considering this was a common response we heard when we asked questions about weird events. The blue ridge mountains seemed to be good training grounds for fliers, so we shrugged most of the military and odd activity off as nothing. On the way home it had gotten dark fast and we could already see stars in the sky, the arrow was gone as far as we could see coming up the highway but just as we dropped its subject once again the whole sky flashed bright luminescent green. My mother and I were excited to see the flash, these happened from time to time in our valley and it was rare to see a flash, we had been told before the flash was a rare type of sudden aurora created by our magnetic field. We exited off the highway still thrilled by the arrow flare and now the green flash and wondered if they could be connected when my mother slowed as we approached the large curve again. There were cars pulled over along either side of the curve and people were out in of their vehicles looking straight up. I look but saw nothing at first but something was strange about the sky, it dawned on me that there were no stars or blue black of the night sky, just darkness. My mother pulled over noticing it to and we got out to look up with the others. For my age I had a open mind but what I saw when I looked up, shattered any previous thought I had of what was considered big. The thing above us was so massive my mind could not wrap around it, I could no longer see stars to either side of it. I couldn’t even see its sides where it began or ended all I could see was a sky of Black Metal, seeming so close that in a instant it could drop on us all. The colossal thing didn’t move, didn’t make a sound, but you could feel the power vibrating from it and through your own body. Like the pressure and static from a thunderstorm magnified by 100 times but concentrated into perfect stillness. As my eyes adjusted and focused in closer to the black metal, I could see in detail what looked like rivets, and structure of the bottom. You could see where some parts of the metal bottom had ridges a few feet wide at least that stretched into darkness, dark rivets held them too in place though the entirety of what I could see what so flawless the rivets seemed useless to me. The only and best way I could possibly put this into any thing you might understand it is imagine sitting 50 feet under the golden gate bride, unattached, just hovering over your head but much larger, the sheer expanse of mass and motionless metal is overwhelming. Then silently with a flash of green luminescent light that for a second lit the night as if it were a green day, it was gone. There had been no sound, no acceleration, I hadn’t blinked I was so transfixed, but it wasn’t there. The stars were back high in the sky again and we were simply alone, 7 or 8 cars just sat there in the darkness, everyone looking from one to the other as if asking silently if they had seen it to, some hurriedly got in their cars and left as fast as they could, my mother and I were one of them. She didn’t speak she seemed in shock and I didn’t know if I could believe what I had seen. I was hoping my mother had a answer when I asked her what was that and what happened to it but she froze. She was scared as she looked at me and asked what I saw, she made me tell her exactly what I have told you here. After I finished telling her, my mother collapsed into a chair and said “I had hoped that I had just dreamed it”

After the sighting my mind was more open to the possibilities of the world then ever before. Raised Christian and from a simple family I never questioned the world before. After that night though I have never stopped looking into the darkness for lost answers. At 8 years old I quit church because it no longer made since to me, why pray to something I could never see until I died when something amazing and real existed right now, hidden but here. I do not claim the builders of this massive ship to be gods or even morally better than humankind, but as far as technology goes we are far out classed.

In the days following no official report was made about any UFO on the news, just some mumbling about subtle auroras and magnetic fields, but our skies were alive with the Military. Large cargo planes managed to land at our small town airport, helicopters black and filled with men fully dressed in swat gear flew so close to the ground you could seem them clearly, and their guns. We never heard anything more about it though.

Sometimes if you are lucky on a very rare night in the foothills of NC, you can still witness the green flashes that light up the valley below the blue ridge mountains.

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SMiles Lewis has had a lifelong interest in all things anomalous. An early age proclivity at recalling his nightly dreams as well as several personal experiences with ESP, precognition and dream switching bolstered his interest in the paranormal. Shortly after high-school he joined the local MUFON chapter in Austin, Texas. He would later become a MUFON State Section Director for that group as well as leader of the local UFO Experiencer Support and Study Group. A lover of books, SMiles collected over 1000 titles before founding the non-profit Anomaly Archives that serves as the lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute (501c3). For over twenty years he has worked with digital audio, video and other bleeding edge internet technologies. He has published his own print journal (E.L.F. Infested Spaces), edited a local paranormal newspaper (Austin Para Times), maintained a large network of websites (, organized a national UFO conference (NUFOC-38), spoken to anthropologists about UFOs and parapsychology (Encounters with the Fantastic), hosted (and been a guest on) both terrestrial and webradio talk shows and has been podcasting since before the phrase existed. All these efforts and more have led radio talk show host Robert Larson to describe Miles as a “Gonzo Alt-Media Proprietor and Informationalist.” He is also the LOWFI-Texas State Bureau Chief of The League of Western Fortean Intermediatists. SMiles’ current projects include co-hosting PsiOp-Radio with Mack White as part of the many unique shows airing daily on his ANOMALY RADIO Network. He is active with several local non-profits which includes his service on the board of directors for the Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies (INACS) and the Scientific Anomaly Institute‘s lending library, the Anomaly Archives. His writings can be found within the Archives of his print journal ELFIS and ANOMALY Magazine. In his day job with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission‘s Talking Book Program he manages a Volunteer Recording Studio and audio duplication department and has been a consultant on two digital audio development documents for the Library of Congress‘ National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
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