Announcing New Anomaly-Radio-Network Series

Anomaly Radio Network

Announcing New Anomaly-Radio-Network Series

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of several new interactive show series on the Anomaly Radio Network, including the long-anticipated Anomaly Radio Show-Host Interview-Series and Anomaly Radio Show-Host Round-Table Series, featuring our wide array of network show hosts.
Beginning soon, Wednesday nights at 7pm CST, the Anomaly Radio Network will launch a new weekly rotating series of shows designed to allow the network and its many hosts a regular opportunity to speak with each other and the Anomaly Radio Network Audience about the latest and most interesting news. The Anomaly Radio Network plays host to a dozen different radio shows each day and we’d like all our great listeners to have the chance to contribute to the dialog. The ANOMALY RADIO Network has a national TOLL FREE phone number (and local number) and this new rotation of shows will use these caller-lines to allow all of our hosts and their listeners to join us on a regular basis as we discuss the latest paranormal and parapolitical issues confronting humanity. 


(512) 271-4836 aka (512) AR1-4UFO

(877) 513-0792 [TOLL FREE]

Two series of note are the Anomaly Radio Show-Host Interview-Series and Anomaly Radio Show-Host Round-Table Series. These new network shows are intended as a way for all of us to learn more about our fellow broadcasters, and show-hosts, and the various activism, news reporting, and investigative efforts they’re each involved in.
The schedule for all of these special shows is (generally going to be):

Wednesday nights between 7-8pm CST.

Specific series dates will vary but the weekly News Round-Up / Free-For-Alls shall commence shortly.

Thanks for your support of the ANOMALY RADIO Network.
SMiles Lewis

Current Shows & Hosts on Anomaly Radio:
  • The Scott Horton Show with Host Scott Horton (LOCAL)
  • Binnall of America with Host Tim Binnall
  • Expanding Mind with Host Erik Davis
  • The Mind Set with Hosts Gareth Davies, Peter Glynn & Alex Fate
  • Mind Set Radio with Host Peter Glynn
  • Out There Radio with Hosts Raymond Wiley & Austin Gandy
  • Para-Talk with Hosts Gareth Davies & Reeves Cooke
  • PsiOp Radio with Hosts Mack White & SMiles Lewis (LOCAL)
  • Radio Misterioso with Host Greg Bishop
  • Red Ice Creations with Hosts Henrik Palmgren
  • Rise Up Radio & The Liberty Beat with Host John Bush (LOCAL)
  • Journey Into Twilight with Host “Doc” Saul Ravencraft (LOCAL)

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About anomaly

SMiles Lewis has had a lifelong interest in all things anomalous. An early age proclivity at recalling his nightly dreams as well as several personal experiences with ESP, precognition and dream switching bolstered his interest in the paranormal. Shortly after high-school he joined the local MUFON chapter in Austin, Texas. He would later become a MUFON State Section Director for that group as well as leader of the local UFO Experiencer Support and Study Group. A lover of books, SMiles collected over 1000 titles before founding the non-profit Anomaly Archives that serves as the lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute (501c3). For over twenty years he has worked with digital audio, video and other bleeding edge internet technologies. He has published his own print journal (E.L.F. Infested Spaces), edited a local paranormal newspaper (Austin Para Times), maintained a large network of websites (, organized a national UFO conference (NUFOC-38), spoken to anthropologists about UFOs and parapsychology (Encounters with the Fantastic), hosted (and been a guest on) both terrestrial and webradio talk shows and has been podcasting since before the phrase existed. All these efforts and more have led radio talk show host Robert Larson to describe Miles as a “Gonzo Alt-Media Proprietor and Informationalist.” He is also the LOWFI-Texas State Bureau Chief of The League of Western Fortean Intermediatists. SMiles’ current projects include co-hosting PsiOp-Radio with Mack White as part of the many unique shows airing daily on his ANOMALY RADIO Network. He is active with several local non-profits which includes his service on the board of directors for the Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies (INACS) and the Scientific Anomaly Institute‘s lending library, the Anomaly Archives. His writings can be found within the Archives of his print journal ELFIS and ANOMALY Magazine. In his day job with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission‘s Talking Book Program he manages a Volunteer Recording Studio and audio duplication department and has been a consultant on two digital audio development documents for the Library of Congress‘ National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
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