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Flashback: Strange Humans Glow in Visible Light

  Strange! Humans Glow in Visible Light Charles Q. Choi Special to LiveScience Wed Jul 22, 10:32 am ET The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with … Continue reading

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Transcripts of David Cherniack’s interviews including for UFOs: The Secret History

The UFOs: The Secret History interviews – Close to sixty interviews were conducted during the course of a 4 month, 18,000 mile, RV odyssey of a shoot around North America, and on 3 additional jaunts from Toronto. Many of them … Continue reading

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The AUSTINIST Interviews Mack White

Austinist Interview with Mack White about his projects (PsiOp-Radio is mentioned) and upcoming appearance at “Staple! Independent Media Expo”. The interview is conducted by Samantha Pitchel. I think that “Staple-gator” (by another artist named Kennon) looks rather Cryptozoological! Graphic novelist … Continue reading

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Paul Kimball Reviews The CryptoTerrestrials by Mac Tonnies

Paul Kimball has written a review of Mac Tonnies posthumously published book THE CRYPTOTERRESTRIALS: So, what are the cryptoterrestrials? In Mac’s hypothesis, they are a race of indigenous humanoids who share this planet with us. Technologically superior in many ways … Continue reading

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Fortean Skylaire Alfvegren on PsiOp-Radio for 3 Year Anniversary Show

THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW PsiOp Radio 107 – 100221 with Guest Skylaire Alfvegren Skylaire Alfvegren & The League of Fortean Intermediatists Skylaire Alfvegren has worked on cars for the Mexican mafia and roped cattle on the border of Area 51. … Continue reading

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Culture of Spirits » Blog Archive » A Cavalcade of Paranormal Beer Selections

New Belgium Mothership Wit (4.8 %) With mass sightings of gigantic flying triangles in the skies, many ufologists are already certain that the “mothership” has indeed landed. UFO culture, if anything, is stronger than it has ever been, and proponents … Continue reading

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Cryptomundo – Group Gives Big Money To CZ Museum

In a remarkable across-the-border gesture of support for the new International Cryptozoology Museum, the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club has donated $1500 US to assist with moving costs and the future success of the permanent exhibition. The BCSCC have just … Continue reading

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