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The AUSTINIST Interviews Mack White

Austinist Interview with Mack White about his projects (PsiOp-Radio is mentioned) and upcoming appearance at “Staple! Independent Media Expo”. The interview is conducted by Samantha Pitchel. I think that “Staple-gator” (by another artist named Kennon) looks rather Cryptozoological! Graphic novelist … Continue reading

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Cryptozoo Museum Opens In Downtown Portland

Via The Anomalist: Cryptozoo Museum Opens In Downtown Portland Cryptomundo It has taken six years, but as of November 1, 2009, the International Cryptozoology Museum will open to the public in a permanent space in downtown Portland, Maine. The museum … Continue reading

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Purdue Galleries presents Urban Legends and Rural Myths | Lafayette Online

Lafayette Online News Purdue Galleries presents Urban Legends and Rural Myths. Lafayette Online News – 23 hours ago. Ranging from famous examples of cryptozoology like Bigfoot to new interpretations of invented entities and events, these artists explore the public’s collective imagination … Continue reading

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Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies – Film Threat

THE SLEAZE PARADE: “SHOCK FESTIVAL” AUTHOR STEPHEN ROMANO. by Pete Vonder Haar (2008-10-28). Horror buffs are probably already familiar with the name Stephen Romano. After all, he scripted the first segment ever for Showtime’s Masters of Horror series (“Incident On … Continue reading

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Harry Smith: Profiles / Features – Fortean Times UK

Harry Smith. Ian Simmons looks back at the eccentric career of Harry Smith – filmmaker, musicologist and magician. Photo by John Palmer. It isn’t often that a single figure makes as pivotal a contribution to as many seemingly disparate areas … Continue reading

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LOWFI: League of Western Fortean Intermediatists

– LOWFI: The League of Western Fortean Intermediatists: LOWFI Guest Editorial for February – Government Files, Police Helicopters and Wind Turbines: The Incredible Story of Britain’s Latest UFO Flap by Nick Pope Welcome to the League of Western Fortean Intermediatists … Continue reading

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Tragic love story to hit the big screen – The New York Post

Tragic love story to hit the big screen. Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Patrick Mc Mullan/ Brad Rapson/Wireimage. Braxton says Theresa (left, with Jeremy) had a two-picture deal with Fox Searchlight before her death; The film is a change of pace for Bret … Continue reading

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