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Electric Biology

Experiments with electrostatic fields might illuminate biological diversity. A major problem in biology is the internal motion of proteins. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania using Magnetic Resonance Imaging were surprised to discover that the calmodulin protein molecule possesses an … Continue reading

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Cryptozoo Museum Opens In Downtown Portland

Via The Anomalist: Cryptozoo Museum Opens In Downtown Portland Cryptomundo It has taken six years, but as of November 1, 2009, the International Cryptozoology Museum will open to the public in a permanent space in downtown Portland, Maine. The museum … Continue reading

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Kevin Kelly: The Technium – Evidence of a Global SuperOrganism

Evidence of a Global SuperOrganism. I am not the first, nor the only one, to believe a superorganism is emerging from the cloak of wires, radio waves, and electronic nodes wrapping the surface of our planet. No one can dispute … Continue reading

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Life on Mars – Nasa historic discovery of methane gas on planet Mars

Nasa reveals life on Mars Proof … NASA scientists detect gas on the Red Planet. ALIEN bugs are responsible for strong plumes of methane gas detected on Mars, it was claimed tonight. Nasa scientists say the gas emissions could have … Continue reading

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Sick babies denied treatment in DNA row

Sick babies denied treatment in DNA row. Julie Robotham, Medical Editor. BABIES with a severe form of epilepsy risk having their diagnosis delayed and their treatment compromised because of a company’s patent on a key gene. It is the first … Continue reading

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Newsvine – Galveston Coverup? You Decide.

Article excerpt: We now know of a facility euphemistically called the “University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston” (UTMB), whose website proclaims, “An academic health center dedicated to educating science professionals and researchers….solving biomedical puzzles through research…”, that contains a … Continue reading

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Geographical Pattern Eyed in 1991 Gulf War Cases of ALS

Geographical Pattern Eyed in 1991 Gulf War Cases of ALS Environmental link to chemical rockets destroyed at one Iraq site focus of investigations FRIDAY, July 25 (HealthDay News) — Researchers are looking into possible geographical reasons why 1991 Gulf War … Continue reading

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