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Obama Website Calls Opponents “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists”

Obama Website Calls Opponents “Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists” Kurt Nimmo Infowars September 4, 2009 Bobby Eberle, writing for GOP USA, is alarmed by the latest Obama political tactic — characterizing all who would oppose Obamacare as rightwing extremists. Eberle points to … Continue reading

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SIBEL EDMONDS: Two Sides of the Same Coin… Heads-Heads

Guest Editorial by Sibel Edmonds “In politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill…we do not ask for the handsomest physician, or the most … Continue reading

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To My Special Friend Gordon, 25 DVDs

Obama Gives Gordon Brown a Set of Classic Movies March 6, 2009

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The Cutting Edge: Norwegian Daily – Terrorists Working for Western Countries

Norwegian Daily: Terrorists Working for Western Countries It came to my attention that a senior correspondent, Kristin Aalen, working for a national Norwegian broadsheet – Stavanger Aftenbladet (Stavanger Evening News) – just recently printed a detailed article in the newspaper … Continue reading

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Obama Slam-Duncans Education: Information Clearing House

Obama Slam-Duncans Education By Greg Palast. December 16, 2008 “Information Clearinghouse” — — Hey, you Liberal Democrats. You may have won the election, but you’re getting CREAMED in the transition. Today, President-elect Barack Obama stuck it to you. He’s chosen … Continue reading

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Scott Horton on Islam OnLine – How Realistic Is Obama's Iraq Pullout Plan?

Iraq: How Realistic Is Obama’s Pullout Plan? Guest Scott Horton: When Obama finally resides in the Whitehouse on the 20th of January, 2009, he will have to face one of his first and major challenges: Iraq. Being a candidate against … Continue reading

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The Washington insider who made Obama rich

The Washington insider who made Obama rich. By D.D. Guttenplan. Published October 24 2008. Barack Obama and John McCain don’t agree about much, but when, in the middle of one of their debates this month, Obama referred to “those of … Continue reading

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