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Twin Peaks Director David Lynch’s Foundation to Fund Meditation Training for Rio’s Elite Police

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – A group of 400 elite police officers in Rio de Janeiro, host of next year’s Olympic Games, will take meditation classes to help deal with the stress of the job. If it proves helpful the … Continue reading

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Ted Rall at Seattle Town Hall Sept 29th

“What motivated NSA contractor Edward Snowden to leak top-secret government documents and be labeled a traitor? Political cartoonist Rall attempts to answer that question. He’ll discuss Snowden’s underlying emotions, the meaning of courage–and what it takes to act when all … Continue reading

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Interplanetary Parliament of UFOs and … Soviet Nuclear Mishaps?

Mark OC on UFO Contactees and Nuclear Accidents … Dr. George King and his band of merry followers. One disaster story in particular stands out. It’s the story of a catastrophe at the Mayak nuclear fuel factory (formerly known as … Continue reading

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Uri Geller psychic spy? The spoon-bender’s secret life as a Mossad and CIA agent revealed

We may know him for spoon bending antics and for his lengthy friendship with pop star Michael Jackson but showbiz psychic Uri Geller has seemingly had a lengthy second career as a secret agent for Mossad and the CIA, albeit … Continue reading

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NSA and the numbers of the beast

NSA and the numbers of the beast BY GARY S. BEKKUM  — Founder & Contributing Writer   “The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio and … Continue reading

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Visitors to Chinese Blind Rights Lawyer Chen Guangcheng Disappear Visitors to Chinese Blind Rights Lawyer Chen Guangcheng Disappear   A group of Internet activists decided to visit the blind rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng on October 5th. But, none of them made it to their destination. At least nine … Continue reading

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Flashback: US Contracting Tech Firms for Revolutions

US shamelessly admitting to funding Middle East revolutions. by Tony Cartalucci As previously reported, the US State Department manages a vast array of extra-legal networks of NGOs, propaganda outlets, and organizations like that are literally recruiting and training foreign … Continue reading

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