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‘Two suns’ spotted in China defy explanation

Weeks after a story shot across the Web claiming that the imminent explosion of a nearby star would result in the appearance of a second sun in the sky — a story that was later debunked — two suns were … Continue reading

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UFOs meet the DMCA via an unlikely source —

For those following the wave of media attention regarding John Greenwald’s recently publicized Blue Book files housed at his Black Vault website… The DMCA has been the subject of controversy since it was passed, being used and, in many cases, misused … Continue reading

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Massive white flash out of nowhere

Me and my buddy were standing in the front yard waiting for the northern lights last night. Me and my best friend were looking directly to the north seen a flashing light noticed it was a satelite the just about … Continue reading

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It was about 5pm on 29 September 1983, give or take 15 minutes, and also my 18th birthday. I was traveling in an MG BGT car driven by my boyfriend, as I am small I was in the back seat … Continue reading

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About 10 amber pulsating slow moving lights in formations over L.A. Area

A helicopter got close to observe one of them and it vanished like the others. The lights went off on one of the objects and appeared to come down over Whittier, Ca. Check out the original source here UFO … Continue reading

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Bright flashing light in ths sky

About 4.15 am I went outside to get fresh air,it was cold and clear sky,I looked up to the sky in north direction and saw a very bright white flashing light,I found it strange and kept looking and after about … Continue reading

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Breathtaking to experience i can open my mind to things now, the ufo shot up vertically, accelerated horizontally at alarming fire egnighting speeds! Then slows completley down and shoots off at a perfect 90 degree angle

Ok so im hanging out with my girlfriend and her best friend. We see something, or my girlfriend does, it was low like a light pole but slightly higher it was something not right about it from the beginning. So … Continue reading

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