Was Ripon school gripped by mass psychogenic illness?

A young woman faints during a Menudo concert at Madison Square Garden, New York City. Photograph: New York Daily News/Getty Images

What doctors used to call mass hysteria usually occurs among close-knit groups as anxiety weaves its way through, causing physical symptoms

On 15 February 1787, a young woman at a Lancashire cotton mill decided to scare one of her co-workers with a mouse. The prank made medical history. Terrified of the rodent, the woman on the receiving end had a fit that lasted hours. The next day, three more workers suffered violent fits. The day after, six more.

Alarmed and mystified at the epidemic, the owners closed the mill amid rumours of a disease brought in by contaminated cotton. When Dr William St Clare arrived from Preston to investigate, he found 24 people affected. Three worked at another factory five miles down the road. He ended the epidemic swiftly. It was “merely nervous, easily cured, and not introduced by the cotton,” he concluded. Suitably reassured, all recovered and no more workers fell ill.

On Wednesday, more than two centuries later, and 65 miles up the A59 from Lancashire, 40 pupils at the Outwood academy in Ripon had treatment for dizziness and nausea after four fainted in an Armistice Day service. Fire brigade specialists dispatched to the incident found no signs of hazardous materials,but the assembly hall was warm. David Winspear of the North Yorkshire fire service suspects that a handful of children fainted, with the rest developing symptoms driven by anxiety that rippled through the school. One student talked of a “domino effect”.

Source: Was Ripon school gripped by mass psychogenic illness? | Science | The Guardian

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Police say topless woman cursing ‘the Illuminati’ shot into neighboring room at Dallas motel

A man who was staying in the room below Jackson’s said he heard a shot and saw a bullet hole in his ceiling. Children’s toys were scattered around the room, and he said he felt fortunate his child was not in the room at the time. No injuries were reported.

The man said he later saw Jackson walking around naked upstairs screaming, “[Expletive] the government, [expletive] everyone, [expletive] the Illuminati,” according to her arrest warrant affidavit.

Police never found a firearm but took Jackson to Methodist Dallas Medical Center where she was given a gunshot residue test.

Source: Police say topless woman cursing ‘the Illuminati’ shot into neighboring room at Dallas motel | | Dallas Morning News

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Planet Weird’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult

Planet Weird’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult


When you’ve been chasing down tales of the strange and unexplained for as long as Greg and Dana have, you’re bound to pick up a few bizarre odds and ends along the way, things like a haunted painting with a bad habit of flinging itself from walls, a mysterious scrying mirror that reflects terrible visions, and even wood planks from the infamous Amityville Horror house, to name a few.

Rather than hoard the paranormal paraphernalia behind a dusty glass case at Weird HQ, Greg and Dana established Planet Weird’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, a roving display of the most fascinating artifacts collected during their supernatural adventures. Unlike many paranormal displays, Planet Weird encourages guests to photograph, hold, and even test each piece for themselves. Bring your EMF meter.

Since 2014, Greg and Dana’s traveling museum of the weird has been fascinating, scaring, and grossing-out convention goers at some of the country’s most popular conventions and private events like Strange EscapesScareFest, and Ghost Adventures‘ Nick Groff’s cross-country tour.


TO BOOK PLANET WEIRD’S TRAVELING MUSEUM OF THE PARANORMAL & OCCULT, DROP US A LINEWARNING: The handling of cursed/haunted/generally gross objects is at your own risk. Don’t blame us when the ghost of Amityville manifests at your house after touching the plank. Unless you sell the rights to your harrowing story to Warner Brothers, in which case, please cut us in.



Got a haunted doll that won’t stop moving from room to room on its own? Stumble onto a strange piece of metal from a UFO crash? Did your weird uncle Larry bring back a cursed idol from some distant foreign land? We want to feature it in the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult! If you’re tired of sleepless nights caused by haunted objects, your significant other is making you throw out that old Bigfoot hair sample, or you just want the world to enjoy your weird little piece of the paranormal, box it up and send it to Weird HQ. We’ll give it a good home.

If your piece is weird enough, we’ll even take it on tour, complete with a file on its paranormal history and your name attached (if you so choose). In addition to sharing your artifact with thousands of people around the country, we’ll also send you an awesome little thank you gift made specifically for those who donate to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult. It’s like gaining a membership in an exclusive club full of people just as weird as you.

Got a strange piece to send in? Great! Jot down the full history on the artifact, include any relevant photos/material, tell us whether or not you want your name attached (we get it, not everyone wants to be weird), and send it to the following address:

P.O. BOX 16364

In some cases, we might even be able to arrange pickup, so don’t be shy about inviting us out to see that flying saucer crash. Got a special case? Questions? Hot tip on a good piece? Drop us a line HERE.


Source: Planet Weird’s Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult

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UFO Research… For the cost of a New Years Eve bash

The latest from UFO journalist Billy Cox’s De Void blog column:

For the cost of a New Year’s Eve bash …

So a new 501(c)3 called UFO Detection and Tracking, or UFODATA, is making the latest bid to chase The Great Taboo with state-of-the-art technology. Board member Leslie Kean, best-selling author of UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, made the announcement in Huffington Post last week, and you can read all about it at huffingtonpost.com

Featuring more than a dozen engineers, scientists and academics — including the project controller of the European Space Agency’s Space Research and Technology Centre — the multinational UFODATA joins other fledgling initiatives like the Mutual UFO Network’s “Project Allsky” and UFOTOG, the brainstorm of Hollywood special effects whiz Douglas Trumbull. Not to mention a grass-roots lone-wolf German initiative, Project Connecting Evidence, currently developing downloadable motion-sensor software to activate PC webcams in the event of anomalous aerial activity.

Source: For the cost of a New Years Eve bash … | De Void

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Return of the Kentucky Goblins?

In June 2012, I was contacted by a frightened man who claimed that a group of small, three-toed creatures were emerging from a mine shaft and terrorizing his rural Kentucky home. After sending us photographic evidence of the creatures and asking us to investigate the case, he eventually fled his property. The appearance of the creatures bore a striking resemblance to a well-documented case from 1955, during which a farmhouse in Hopkinsville, Kentucky was besieged by “goblins” from outer space in an encounter that went down as being one of the most credible, well-documented cases of extraterrestrial contact.

The Kentucky Goblins had returned.

The more I looked into the case of the Kentucky Goblins’ reappearance, the more disconnected the story became. Small details led to big events, one answer led to a dozen questions, and a seemingly isolated report of cryptozoological terror in the backwoods of Kentucky turned into a story of crashed UFOs, secret underground bases, and black ops military operations all over the Appalachian Mountains.

Source: Return of the Kentucky Goblins: New Leads in a Case of Strange Creatures, Crashed UFOs, and the Men in Black

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Ted Rall at Seattle Town Hall Sept 29th


“What motivated NSA contractor Edward Snowden to leak top-secret government documents and be labeled a traitor? Political cartoonist Rall attempts to answer that question. He’ll discuss Snowden’s underlying emotions, the meaning of courage–and what it takes to act when all eyes are watching…”

Source: Ted Rall | Town Hall Seattle

Ted Rall: Snowden’s Courageous Betrayal of Big Brother

7:00PM, Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Great Hall  /   $5  – Doors open: 6:00 pm

BUY TICKETS / Google iCalendar


snowden-by-ted-rallWhen NSA contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the U.S. government two years ago, he changed the state of privacy, technology, and security. What motivated him to leak top-secret documents and be labeled as a traitor? Political cartoonist (and cultural commentator extraordinaire) Ted Rall’s Snowden attempts to answer that question. The illustrator of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits, Rall’s latest work chronicles Snowden’s early life and career in what Noam Chomsky calls a “dramatic, thoughtful and very accessible account.” In addition to discussing these underlying motivations, Rall will explore the meaning of courage–and what it takes to act when all eyes are watching.

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LSD guru Timothy Leary’s ashes carried in a Burning Man ceremony by Susan Sarandon

… does that headline read like an Onion article?

Susan Sarandon carried LSD guru Timothy Leary’s ashes in a Burning Man ceremony

BLACK ROCK DESERT, Nev. — Timothy Leary, the late father of LSD, was memorialized at Burning Man after a fantastic procession and burning of his ashes in the Black Rock Desert.

It was a spectacle that not even he probably could have imagined, as actress Susan Sarandon led a march with his ashes into a temporary church built as an art installation in the desert for the week-long festival.

The church was scheduled to burn as part of the event on Saturday after the “man”, a giant wooden structure, burned.

“I think he’d be so happy. I think he would have loved the chaos (of Burning Man). He would have loved it,” said Sarandon, one of Leary’s closest friends. “And all these people honoring him with LSD.”

Timothy Leary, the late father of LSD, was memorialized at Burning Man after a fantastic procession and burning of his ashes this week in the Black Rock Desert.

Read More…

Source: Susan Sarandon carried LSD guru Timothy Leary’s ashes in a Burning Man ceremony

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