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Itemized Abductions – philadelphia weekly online

Itemized Abductions Local UFOlogists tell us why they believe. by Steven Wells UFO sightings in the Philadelphia metro area are up by more than 700 percent this year. We’ve seen UFOs over Geno’s on South Ninth Street, mysterious octopi-shaped objects … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective: The Schirmer Abduction by Kevin Randle

The Schirmer Abduction It was in the 1960s that the Air Force decided to hire a university to make an impartial study of UFOs to determine if there was a reason for the Air Force to continue to investigate them. … Continue reading

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Human-Alien Hybrids? Mac Tonnies on Alien Abductions

Geneticists ridicule the notion that humans would be genetically compatible with extraterrestrials, comparing the effort to a person trying to successfully mate with an insect. And although recent discoveries in transgenics allow radically disparate species to reproduce (albeit artificially), the … Continue reading

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