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UFOs & Consciousness with SMiles Lewis, Tuesday Night 11/19/13

The Austin Chronicle calendar says: “We couldn’t be more into this if we tried.” UFOs and Consciousness: Part Two – Exploring the Fantastic Facts About UFOs, Altered States of Consciousness, and Mind-at-Large with SMiles Lewis Co-Sponsored by INACS, SAI, and … Continue reading

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William Gibson: Fortean!

Cyberpunk Fortean William Gibson “I’m Totally a Fortean!” (Audio) “It’s always a pleasure to return to Austin, which in some weird way was definitely the epicenter of my literary career, such as it’s been.” On Thursday, September 6th, I had … Continue reading

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Ron Paul’s UT Austin Town Hall Speech

» Ron Paul’s UT Austin Town Hall Speech on Restoring America Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

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The AUSTINIST Interviews Mack White

Austinist Interview with Mack White about his projects (PsiOp-Radio is mentioned) and upcoming appearance at “Staple! Independent Media Expo”. The interview is conducted by Samantha Pitchel. I think that “Staple-gator” (by another artist named Kennon) looks rather Cryptozoological! Graphic novelist … Continue reading

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Dr. Katherine Albrecht Speaks on Microchips at Brave New Books

Part One Katherine Albrecht speaks on microchips at Brave New Books in Austin, Texas along with Randall Mock, Lisa Marie Coppoletta, Judith McGeary, and Sheila Dean. Watch all the videos here at Anomaly TeleVision » Blog Archive » Dr. Katherine … Continue reading

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Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies – Film Threat

THE SLEAZE PARADE: “SHOCK FESTIVAL” AUTHOR STEPHEN ROMANO. by Pete Vonder Haar (2008-10-28). Horror buffs are probably already familiar with the name Stephen Romano. After all, he scripted the first segment ever for Showtime’s Masters of Horror series (“Incident On … Continue reading

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C.B. Scott Jones on UFO Disclosure – Austin, November 25th

80 Years with a Blinking 3rd Eye – Free Austin Event. The name C.B. Scott Jones is both obscure to many a casual UFO buff yet widely known among “deep seekers” of the UFOlogical and Parapsychological communities. His work for … Continue reading

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