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Against the Militarized Academy – TruthOut

Against the Militarized Academy Thursday 20 November 2008 by: Henry A. Giroux, t r u t h o u t | Perspective Defense Secretary Robert Gates has announced an effort to increase the militarization of higher education. (Photo: FilmMaker Magazine) … Continue reading

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Subtopia: A Scarecrow Empire

A Scarecrow Empire Central to the effectiveness of any form of security is its ability to project power and to exponentialize its apparent sphere of influence beyond the verifiable boundaries of its control; to dupe people, essentially. Territory – as … Continue reading

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Flashback: American Culture Bomb – Satire from the Onion and a Long Forgotten U.S. Army War College Essay – cryptogon.com

The American Culture Bomb: Satire from the Onion and a Long Forgotten U.S. Army War College Essay June 19th, 2007.   Before we get to the Onion, let’s look at a few excerpts from Constant Conflict, a 1997 Parameters (U.S. … Continue reading

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