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Nick Redfern in the Lair of the Beasts on Paranormal Big Cats

Nick Redfern reports on British Feline Cryptids: For decades, people all across the British Isles have reported encounters with large, exotic cats of a type that simply should not exist in the country. But, there’s no doubt that such beasts … Continue reading

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Airliner had near miss with UFO

Airliner had near miss with UFO. A passenger jet bound for Heathrow Airport had a near miss with a UFO, Ministry of Defence files reveal. The captain of the Alitalia airliner shouted “Look out” to his co-pilot at the sight … Continue reading

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Smokers banned from fostering – Reuters

Smokers banned from fostering. LONDON (Reuters) – A council has become the first in London to rule that smokers will no longer be able to foster children. Redbridge Council’s cabinet agreed Tuesday night to a ban on placing children with … Continue reading

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MoD Versus MoD

MoD Versus MoD – The Inside Story of Project Condign By Nick Pope. Introduction In May 2006 the Ministry of Defence published on their website documentation relating to Project Condign – a highly-classified study into UFOs undertaken by a private … Continue reading

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UFO crash lands at Cleethorpes school!

UFO crash lands at Cleethorpes school! Friday, October 10, 2008. AN unidentified flying object crashed landed at a Cleethorpes school. The UFO, about the size of a telephone box, was discovered in the playground of Elliston Infants’ School. While no … Continue reading

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NATO: Is it time to talk with Taliban? – Afghanistan – msnbc.com

NATO question: Is it time to talk with Taliban? Defense ministers to meet in Budapest as Afghanistan situation declines. LONDON – When NATO defense ministers meet in Budapest on Thursday, they will face a worsening situation in Afghanistan and vexing … Continue reading

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Revealed: How the Government studied the paranormal for use in war on terror – The Daily Record

SECRET documents have revealed the MoD have been studying the paranormal and other unexplained scientific phenomenon for use in the war against terror. The newly released files show that just after 9/11, the Ministry of Defence conducted a research project … Continue reading

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