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Lessig: It's Time to Demolish the FCC – Newsweek

Reboot the FCC We’ll stifle the Skypes and YouTubes of the future if we don’t demolish the regulators that oversee our digital pipelines. By Lawrence Lessig | Newsweek Web Exclusive Dec 23, 2008. Economic growth requires innovation. Trouble is, Washington is … Continue reading

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College Says No Free Speech Without a Permit – Don't Tase Me, Bro!

1ST AMENDMENT ON TRIAL Student facing expulsion for speaking without permission? College allows ‘free speech’ noon-to-1 on Tuesday, Thursdays   Yuba College student Ryan Dozier being cited for speaking without permission A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Yuba … Continue reading

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We the Sheeple Fest – The Two Party War Machine Censors Dissent

All Speakers censored at “We The People” fest. By Jack Blood. Yep. Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney and Jack Blood were prohibited from speaking at WTP Fest in Los Angeles today. The event had been heavily promoted in LA by KROQ … Continue reading

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AP to meet with blogging group to form guidelines: Yahoo! Finance

NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press, following criticism from bloggers over an AP assertion of copyright, plans to meet this week with a bloggers’ group to help form guidelines under which AP news stories could be quoted online. Jim … Continue reading

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