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The Memory Hole and Torture

The Memory Hole and Torture. Diary Entry by wagelaborer. Improved methods of propaganda no longer make it necessary to physically alter past records. Simply coating the corporate media with the new story is enough. How US torture was turned into … Continue reading

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Why Web radio faces another crisis – CNET News

Few people know this but for a little while last year, the music-royalty rates that Web radio stations have complained about for years appeared to be behind them.   In a midtown Manhattan law office last November 6, representatives from Webcasting … Continue reading

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Lessig: It's Time to Demolish the FCC – Newsweek

Reboot the FCC We’ll stifle the Skypes and YouTubes of the future if we don’t demolish the regulators that oversee our digital pipelines. By Lawrence Lessig | Newsweek Web Exclusive Dec 23, 2008. Economic growth requires innovation. Trouble is, Washington is … Continue reading

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U.S. Military Now in the Christian Reality TV Business – Talk To Action

U.S. Military Now in the Christian Reality TV Business By Chris Rodda.  U.S. military involvement in entertainment productions is nothing new. This has been going on since the earliest days of film, with a collaboration between Hollywood and the government’s … Continue reading

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ZNet – Battle for Reality

The Battle for Reality December 01, 2008 By David Solnit Source: Yes What really happened at the 1999 WTO demonstrations in Seattle? On television, it looked like vandalism and random violence. On the streets, it looked like part festival, part … Continue reading

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Coke or Pepsi? « Michael Fury

Investigative journalist Gary Webb refused to be complicit. For his courage, the Mockingbird character assassins remembered him with this hit-piece of an obituary: nytimes.com/2004/12/13/obituaries/13webb.html After the 2004 election, five weeks before his “suicide”, he called out the American people for … Continue reading

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ABC Is Lying About NSA – Democratic Underground

ABC Is Lying About NSA By David Swanson On Thursday, ABC News reported a big new break in the story of illegal and unconstitutional spying that our government has engaged in for years now, except that there was nothing new … Continue reading

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